How Asia Rolls: Eggrolls Demystified {BYOB}

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If you’re a fan of Asian appetizers, this is a class for you! This is a hands-on culinary class where you will learn, prepare, and of course, eat various kinds of egg rolls and springrolls. Everyone will also take home the egg rolls/springrolls they’ve made to enjoy with family and friends.

This class is geared to those who enjoy egg rolls and springrolls, but would like to learn how they are prepared as well as the various kinds that exists. Not all Asian cuisines are the same and each has their own unique characteristic reflected in their foods. Egg rolls/springrolls are just one example in which Asian cultures differ. From this class, you’ll have a better understanding of what the difference is between an egg roll and springroll, as well as names of other cultures that offer something similar. Make room for your freezer, as everyone will have plenty of eggrolls to bring home!

We will cover the types of wrappers used, the plethora of filling ideas, techniques on rolling, ways to cook, and how to serve. By taking this class, you’ll have a greater appreciation of the many varieties of egg rolls/springrolls there are as well as how to make them at home instead of getting them from take out!

MENU {made with a variety of fillings}:
Chinese Egg Rolls
Vietnamese Spring Rolls {gluten free}
Filipino Lumpia Shanghai
Filipino Dessert Eggrolls {Turon} with jackfruit & banana
Lychee & Coconut Punch

What to Bring

freezer bags to store eggrolls made to take home

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

all ingredients

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Joelen Kenny

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Joelen Tan is a Chicago area private caterer and former restaurant chef. In 2007, she started What's Cookin, Chicago, which was recently ranked the 4th largest Culinary Cooking & Recipes group worldwide. She also created What’s Pouring, Chicago. Having been a former restaurant chef for an Asian restaurant, she's grown up making eggrolls/springrolls since she was young and continues to cater, providing her eggrolls/springrolls to clients.

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