Community Workshop: Monotype Like Matisse

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This collaborative screenprinting class focuses on how various mark-making materials can be used with a screen to make one-of-a-kind prints. Materials such as watercolors, water-based crayons, markers and pencils can be used in conjunction with stencils to allow artists to improvise, explore, and work quickly to make multiple iterations of an image.

Inspired by the paper cut-outs used by Matisse in the later part of his career, students work together and respond to each others marks. This game will encourage images to be built up through multiple layers. The end goal: students trust their gut intuition, and work in the moment to experiment with materials and composition. So sign up with a friend, test your collaboration skills, and take home a portfolio of unique prints!

No understanding of bitmaps, photo emulsion or Photoshop required! This immediate, direct and at times unpredictable process can produce expressive marks reminiscent of Jackson Pollock or Rorschach tests, psychedelic abstractions, or much more controlled transfers of pencil, crayon, charcoal and water-color images drawn and painted directly on a screen. This workshop is great for those new to art making, as well as painters, teachers looking for non-digital and non-darkroom print projects, and printmakers looking to add variety to their practice.

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