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Relief printmaking is a graphic and versatile type of printmaking that dates as far back as 500 BC. An image is carved in reverse onto a block, which is then inked and sent through a press. The tools are basic but the possibilities are expansive.

Relief Printmaking empowers students (both first-time printmakers and experienced printmakers) to plan, carve, and print relief blocks. After looking at lots of examples, both historical and contemporary, students will begin their relief printing adventure with a playful low-pressure “Speedy-Cut” block. Throughout the class, students will move on to carving both linoleum and wood with a variety of carving techniques that exploit line, shape, contrast, and texture.

On the press, students will learn how to mix ink, handle paper, register multiple colors, and finesse pressure to produce a set of prints that employ lessons from throughout the class.

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Bruno Suarez Bango is an artist, designer and life lover that comes from high up in the mountains in Quito, Ecuador. He recently received his BFA in Visual Communications and Printmedia from SAIC. Bruno enjoys Screenprinting, Letterpress and walks on the beach. He is currently working on posters and promotional material for bands and music festivals in Ecuador. This makes sense as Bruno is also a wannabe drummer.

Emily Culbert is a printmaker and arts administrator who works primarily in lithography, relief, and screen printing. With a printmaking background from Skidmore College, her print practice explores linkages between urban planning and the natural environment. She often incorporates her prints into book forms and three-dimensional objects.

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