Data Analysis: Moving From Excel to SQL

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Are you using Excel for analysis? Spreadsheets are useful for analyzing and visualizing data, but become cumbersome and unwieldy with large datasets.

Relational databases address many of Excel's limitations by simplify repetitive tasks and enabling analysis over much larger datasets. The only catch is that you need to know SQL to fully harness the power of these technologies.

This class will introduce students to the world of databases and analysis in SQL. Students will be shown how to setup a SQL environment on their laptops, so that they can practice writing queries on a real dataset. After this class, students will understand the fundamentals of SQL syntax, and be able to write queries using MySQL Workbench (one of the world's most popular database design tools).


  • Install MySQL Server and Workbench enabling students to write SQL queries directly from their laptops

  • Learn introductory database concepts and data structures

  • Understand the fundamentals of SQL, including how to filter, aggregate and summarize large datasets

  • Gain enough SQL foundation to begin analysis beyond simple spreadsheets

Prereqs & Preparation

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About the Instructor

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Alex CastrounisFounder and President,

Alex Castrounis is a product and data science leader, technologist, mentor, educator, speaker, and writer. He has held leadership roles in data science, software (architecture and engineering), and product (vision, strategy, design, and management).

Alex spent ten years as a race strategist, data scientist, vehicle dynamicist, and software engineer for IndyCar racing teams. He was a race strategist for over 100 races, including six Indianapolis 500s.

Alex also founded InnoArchiTech, and writes for the InnoArchiTech blog at Topics covered are related to Alex's interests and expertise, which are data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, IoT, product, and scalable software.

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