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This is a virtual event. You’ll need an internet connection and the free Zoom app. A device with a camera and being on video is encouraged but not required. A replay will be available for all registrants. Times are CDT.

Since 2004, Cheese-Its (those who participate in Mac & Cheese Productions℠ offerings) have been challenging themselves and others to be in the moment and live fully, personally and professionally. From public speaking to discovering off the beaten path activities to starting businesses to making friends to finding love to traveling the world to asking for that promotion, stranger-friends of all types have demonstrated how making choices instead of allowing life to choose for them has provided them confidence, open-mindedness, adaptability, control, and fulfillment.

The Life of Yes℠ Diaries series spotlights these Cheese-Its as a way to celebrate them and infect others. To learn more about Life of Yes℠, head here.

This edition features DeLonda — see Life of Yes℠ manifested IRL as she shares how this way of being has brought her joy and inspired others to do the same. Walk away ready and with ideas to design your own Life of Yes℠.


DeLonda Dowling is the Awards Program Director for the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education, a globe-trotting Chicago native soon to be a homeowner in Roscoe Village, an OrangeTheory Fitness enthusiast, Dionne Warwick’s doppelgänger (often wonders if people ever tell Ms. Warwick that she looks like some woman named DeLonda), sings in a band and would totally pursue fame as a singer or actress if she weren’t afraid of falling on stage while accepting her Tony, Grammy, or Oscar, is a race car driver (okay, in her head), a Prince Fan (even before he died), speaks French, thinks that she could be a homicide detective, and loves to daydream.

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You know that uncertain time between childhood and death? Adulthood? It can be so much more than bills, dry cleaning, and meetings. Mac & Cheese Productions℠ is a lifestyle business that models and offers positive adulting and increases life fulfillment and ease through building connection: to others, to opportunities, and to self. Via services, tools, and experiences, Mac & Cheese inspires groups and individuals to take charge of their lives and to learn, grow, and become even more delicious versions of themselves. Its foundation is its Life of Yes℠ mentality — the gist? More yay, less ick. Saya Hillman is the head Cheese-It. Check for most uptodate offerings.

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