I Can't: Land My Dream Job

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Is your resume in need of a refresh?

Are you tired of staring at a blank screen while trying to write a cover letter?

Do you freeze when the hiring manager asks if you have any questions during the interview?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then I Can’t: Land My Dream Job is for you and you aren’t the only one.

I Can’t: Land My Dream Job is part of Mac & Cheese Productions' I Can't series, where adults state they're unable to do something, they try it with a bunch of other adults who also "can't," and everyone proves themselves wrong and not only does the thing, but enjoys it and says, "That wasn't so bad. In fact, kinda fun. Good for me! What's next?!" Past I Can'ts have included yoga, improv, draw, have a dog, adult my money - financial planner edition, organize my home, ask for money, put on makeup, and buy a home. Future I Can'ts include Find love and Adult my money - personal finance & budgeting.

For this I Can’t edition, Mac & Cheese is partnering with L’Oreal Thompson Payton of LT in the City.

L’Oreal is a serial career switcher who transferred her skills as an award-winning journalist into a successful role as director of communications for a national nonprofit. When she’s not busy getting her Olivia Pope on, she enjoys reading, blogging and curating a weekly newsletter for ambitious millennial women at the intersection of work and wellness.

Stop daydreaming about your dream job and start making it a reality. In this interactive workshop, you’ll take your resume from bleh to boring, write a cover letter HR can’t resist AND practice techniques to nail your next interview. So what are you waiting for? Register today!

What to Bring

A laptop or something to write on and write with, Your current resume, The job description for your dream job (if possible), Feel free to BYO-drinks & snacks and enjoy the workshop

Minimum age

All ages welcome

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A TEDx speaker and one of Brazen Careerist' s Top Twenty Young Professionals to Watch, Saya has discovered how to turn her love of creating community, challenging herself and those around her, and enjoying life to its fullest into her “job.” Via her company Mac & Cheese Productions℠, she helps others (and herself) live a Life of Yes℠. Saya is from Evanston, went to Boston College, and resides in Chicago.

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