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Kombucha is a delicious and healthy fermented tea beverage that can provide immeasurable health benefits like aiding in digestion, arthritis, and other degenerative diseases. Kombucha dates back over 2,000 years and the ancient Chinese referred to it as “Immortal Health Elixir.” Made from sweetened tea that’s been fermented by a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY, a.k.a. “mother”), kombucha didn’t gain prominence in the West until recently.

Once I started drinking kombucha I could not stop, the high probiotic nature of the tea immensely helped indigestion issues I was having. But it came at a cost, upwards of $5.00 per bottle at health food stores. I learned that I could make it at home for only a fraction of the cost; this also allowed me to tailor the flavor to my liking. What started as a science experiment in my kitchen has led to routine, I’d like to help you get started down the path of brewing your own kombucha.

In this 1 hour class, I will walk you through the full process of kombucha brewing from propagating a high quality mother to brewing kombucha for refreshment. You’ll be able to taste some home-brewed kombucha, see what a healthy kombucha culture looks like, learn what you need to get started, and get tips on flavoring the best tasting kombucha. You'll also receive printed instructions that detail everything so you can focus more on the class, and have the notes ready for you at home.

What to Bring

Pen and paper for notes

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

Printed instructions to take home, starter scoby can be purchased for $10, or $5 if you bring your own mason jar.

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Your teacher is an entrepreneurial urban farmer, beekeeper, yogi, and healthy food/ lifestyle enthusiast. She is passionate about sharing her gardening and food related DIY knowledge with others.

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