How to Fix Your Clothing

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In this workshop, you will learn the practical and basic sewing skills needed to make clothing repairs like fixing holes in socks and tears along seams, reattaching buttons, removing pilling from sweaters (those annoying little fuzzy balls), and applying patches.

You will also learn about ways to shop sustainably (and affordably) based on brand and fabric type, take care of the clothing already in your closet, and reduce your environmental impact in the textile industry.

As a bonus! The teacher will supply you with your own DIY repair kit as well as resources to help you reduce your fashion footprint in everyday life.

Demonstrations will be made with both needle and thread and a sewing machine. Practice items and fabric will also be provided if you don't have anything on hand.

Participants of all ages and genders are welcome. Fellas need to fix things too!

No prior sewing experience is necessary.

Taught by Ivanna B. Greene. Dana Kiel @ivannabgreene is a trash-fashion designer and eco-activist from Golden, Colorado with nearly over a decade of experience in sewing, up-cycling, and recreating with recycled materials. She began participating as a designer in trash fashion shows at the age of 16, and has slowly developed a passion for sustainability in the textile industry, which is recognized as the 5th most polluting industry worldwide. Check out her amazing work on Instagram @ivannabgreene

What to Bring

Please bring clothing to be repaired, such as socks with holes, things that are torn, things missing buttons (bring that button that fell off if you have it or another button.) And if you'd like to apply a patch, bring one.

Minimum age

All ages welcome

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