Tinctures for Stress - Part 2

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Stress is the number one disease factor in today's hectic world. Alarm clocks, traffic, deadlines, obligations and expectations - the list goes on and on. How are we to keep up AND live a healthy life?

First step - take a deep breath. Now, let's talk remedies.

In this class we'll learn how to cope with stress using herbs scavenged from across the globe to right in your very own backyard. Let your stress melt away as you taste several herbal stress remedies.

Make and take home your own tincture that will help you say goodbye to stress!

This is a sister series addressing sleep and stress. Part 1, Sipping for Sleep, is held the prior week on May 7. Although not a prerequisite, students will experience maximum benefits by attending them both as a series.

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All ages welcome

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Ingredients for crafting a herbal stress remedy

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Bridget Molloy and has been an educator for over 8 years and has studied botanical medicine & traditions around the world for the past 6 years including a Mayan medicine apprenticeship, and studies in Italy. In Spring of 2014 she founded Bridget's Botanicals so that she could use her deep scientific background and global knowledge of herbalism to inspire others to enhance their health and well-being, as well as their connection to the environment through botanical medicine. When she is not exploring the plant world and making medicine, Bridget loves cycling, hiking, and SCUBA diving!

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