Remedies for Winter Wellness

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Welcome winter with wellness! Staying healthy and warm through Colorado' sunny and snowy months is a great way to make sure you enjoy the holiday season. In this class, we will learn how to support your immune system and nourish your body using a variety of herbs and tasty kitchen remedies. We will also make a winter remedy for you to take home and enjoy.

During the class you will...
- Enjoy the taste of several winter herbs
- Make a winter remedy to take home with you
- Dive into herbal actions on the immune system
- Learn what kinds of foods best support nourishment in the winter

During the class, we will sip on some winter tea or Mexican hot chocolate (dairy-free) while we learn and craft.

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

Includes handout and winter herbal remedy

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Bridget is a certified Herbalist & High School Science Teacher based out of Denver, Colorado. She loves cycling, traveling, and science. Bridget believes that happiness stems from leading a healthy lifestyle. The role of botanical medicine and connection to the environment is vital for shaping personal, community, and global health and well-being. 

Throughout college Bridget was a community health and wellness volunteer with Wardenburg Health Center at the University of Colorado Boulder, and later helped set up a health clinic for an international Middleburry-Monterey Language Academy in Vermont.  She has studied botanical medicine for over 7 years around the world and through a variety of programs (see more below). In Spring of 2014 Bridget’s Botanicals, LLC was founded. Currently Bridget offers herbalism workshops, health consultations, global adventures, and hand-crafted products made in her home apothecary in Denver, CO. 

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