3 Hour Open Studio Sewing Class Sunday Afternoon

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Tired of cutting out on the dining table or the floor? Are seams not lining up and zippers are just scary? Is reading a sewing pattern like a foreign language? Are you looking for friends to sew with?

Overcome your sewing woes and become a sewing QUEEN at Sew Anastasia.

Duration - 6 weeks

Start - You can start on any Sunday 2:30 - 5:30pm

Cost - $215 2 hours or $322 3 hours - THIS IS 3 HOUR SIGN UP 

 Bring your basic supplies: 


Fabric (as indicated on pattern)
Seam Ripper
18" x 2" Clear Ruler
Paper scissors
Fabric scissors
Thread Snips

Rotary Cutter

During your 6 weeks of open studio sewing classes you make your projects come to life. We have sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machines, dress forms and a huge cutting table!

Everything you could need for your project. 

The open-studio structure makes it less like a class. Instead, you’re in charge of your projects and your pace. These sessions are a chance to practice sewing in the presence of an expert who is always ready to answer questions, help with stitches, and teach you new techniques. It is a comfortable place for people of all skill levels, whether you’re a beginner, or have been sewing for years. The supportive community that is formed in these classes keeps people from getting discouraged and helps everyone come out a sewing success. If you are interested in more of a structured class check out the basic sewing class called stitch book or the basic pattern drafting and draping class.

You must follow all regulations by wearing a face mask at all time and using hand sanitizer and keeping your space wiped down. Everyone will have a special station with a sewing machine and a serger. If you would like an embroidery or cover stitch machine set up for your project just let me know ahead of time.

* No refunds on classes. You can reschedule or choose another date to start but we keep the classes super small and can not offer refunds.

 Sewing Class FAQ

Everything you need to know about Anastasia Chatzka sewing classes

1. What kinds of machines are available?

The studio is equipped with Opal 670 and Epic 980Q Viking sewing machines, Huskylock s25 sergers, and Designer Topaz 40 embroidery machines. 

2. What materials will be available for me at the studio?

        Besides our machines, we have irons, rotary cutting mats, dress forms, and plenty of table space.

3. Where are the best place to buy supplies and materials?

        There are a few local fabric stores that sell amazing materials and notions:

Oak Fabrics @ 3738 N. Lincoln Ave - They have tons of fabrics, with lots of easy ways to search for the one you want. They also sell patterns, many from independent pattern companies. 

Fishman Fabrics @ 1101 South Desplaines St - This is a great place to explore different types of fabrics. 

New Rainbow Fabrics @ 608 W Roosevelt Rd. - Along with cotton fabrics, they have plenty of special fabrics, such as tulle, organza, silk, and lace. They also sell appliqués, rhinestones, and trimmings. Purchase in-store only. 

Vogue Fabrics @ 718-732 Main St, Evanston - This is the ultimate website for everything you need: fabric, patterns, notions, trims, and even corset-making and cosplay supplies.

And of course, there’s always Joann Fabrics which has bolts of fabric, thread, patterns, needles, pins, embroidery hoops, and everything else you might need. 

4. What kinds of projects can I make?

        You are in charge of the project you take on, whether you’re challenging your sewing skills or sticking with something simple and familiar, using a pattern or figuring it out as you go. Pushing your limits too far can lead to frustration and eventually resentment, so make sure you pick something that isn’t too challenging for your level! If you’ve never sewn before, wrap skirts or shift dresses are great project choices because of their simple designs. Non-stretchy fabrics are best for beginners. 

5. How many projects can I expect to get through during the 6 weeks?

        Depending on your skill level and how quickly you work, you can usually get through 2 simple projects or 1 complex project. Of course, this also depends on if you’re also working on your projects at home, and the complexity of your projects.

6. Where can I buy patterns?

        Along with the stores listed above, there are millions of patterns available for purchase or download online. Think eBay, Etsy, and other fabric or fashion retailers. If you decide to download patterns, remember that printing them on a normal printer will mean you’ll have to tape together tons of pieces of paper. 

7. What kind of thread should I buy?

        Make sure you buy all-purpose thread, not embroidery or decorative thread. Even though embroidery thread is pretty and shiny, steer clear of this unless you’ll be embroidering. The side of the spool will let you know what kind of thread it is. 

8. What do I need to bring the first day of class?

        Bring everything on the supply list to the first day of class. If you feel like you’re totally lost in buying supplies and/or your pattern, call Anastasia to talk it over. (Supply list: Thread, Seam Ripper, 18" x 2" Clear Ruler, Fabric (as indicated on pattern), Paper scissors, Fabric scissors, Pattern, Thread Snips)

9. Is there parking at the studio? 

        Yes, we have free parking. Make sure you don’t park in any of the loading docks. These are marked with signs. 

10. How does payment work?

        Sign up is through the website, and you can use credit card or PayPal when checking out. If you want to pay cash, you can set up a time to drop the payment off before the first class.

11. What happens if I need to miss a class?

Let Anastasia know in advance that you won’t be there. You can reschedule with Anastasia for a different class session and she will be ready to accommodate you at the rescheduled time.

What to Bring

Bring your basic supplies: Pattern/ProjectFabric (as indicated on pattern)ThreadSeam Ripper18" x 2" Clear RulerPaper scissorsFabric scissorsThread SnipsRotary Cutter

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

We have sewing machines, sergers, embroidery machines, dress forms and a huge cutting table!

Cancellation Policy

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Anastasia Chatzka is a Chicago based fashion designer with over 20 years of sewing, pattern drafting, and design experience. She has refined her skills through the years while working with renowned industry professionals, including Betsey Johnson and Anna Sui. Anastasia also has a BFA in fashion design. She is also a brand ambassador for Husqvarna Viking sewing machines.

Anastasia is the owner of the Anastasia Chatzka clothing line and Sew Anastasia Sewing Studio where she designs, teaches sewing classes, and films the content for her YouTube sewing channel, Sew Anastasia.

To view Anastasia Chatzka’s Sewing YouTube Channel, please visit
Sew Anastasia on youtube

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