Intuitive Painting Class

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Arts & DIY

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Escape from the stress of your every-day-life and reconnect to your passion.

Express yourself fully and freely, and ignite your creative potential.

The process of intuitive painting allows an individual to tap into their creativity without concerns based on end results and encourages a greater trust in their intuition expanding a sense of freedom and possibility. This approach gives the individual permission to explore their unknown creative potential.

Approaching art in this manner can transform not only your relationship to creative blocks around artistic expression but can also help to transform those attitudes and habits that keep you from applying your imagination and courage in the challenges of your daily life.

In this class individuals will be encouraged to use various mediums (acrylic paint, watercolor, markers, pencils / pens, canvas and watercolor paper) helping them on their path of discovery.

This class is appropriate for all, artist and non-artist of all levels of painting experience.

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

All supplies are provided

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Reconnect to your passion
  • Tap into your creativity
  • Class is appropriate for both artist and non-artist
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I am a multi-disciplinary artist living in Chicago, working in oil paint, collage, installation, and object-based practices. Currently, I am exploring representation of objects and how they vacillate between imagination and that which is tangible. The distance between these two perceptions is informed by an individual’s life experiences; everyone lives to a different degree inside a dream.

I incorporate reclaimed objects, as well as a variety of other media, into my work, expressed in the form of assemblages that integrate items from my environment into a cohesive piece. This creates space to explore placement and re-define accepted associations. Similarly, my paintings are composed of non-connected objects intuitively painted on the canvas, creating surrealistic compositions that explore the relationship shared by these objects, blurring the edges between eroticism and banality of this dreamscape as it is informed by the real world. This provides the viewer a metaphoric playhouse to wander though unknown topographies of their imagination.

We are exposed to an overwhelming degree of stimuli daily, creating an anesthetized perception of the world. My intent is to jar the viewer out of their walking numbness, granting them permission to delve into and re-examine familiar objects with fresh eyes.

Like a Zen parable, I want my work to confound the logical brain to access a deeper, more nuanced truth.

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