Excel Data Input Controls: Keeping junk out of your dataset

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You create a spreadsheet or a form in Excel for someone else. Then

- You get a call that someone has typed over a formula and can't fix it.
- Your sales analysis is wrong because Chicago is also in the source data as "Chicgo" and "Chicago, IL"
- A critical deadline is missed because someone accidentally typed in a date that was 10 years ago, and the spreadsheet accepted it.

Let's spend 2 hours learning how we can control data inputs in Excel and prevent these calamities.

We take powerful control of our data quality, analysis and mental peace by creating dropdown lists, creating cells that will only accept a date within 10 days of today, and protecting formulas against accidental corruption.

If you want control over your data quality and spreadsheet integrity, come on and get to know Excel's validation features.

Here is a YouTube video showing an Inventory Control System that relies on lots of data validation. The math is easy. The input controls are what make the app useful.
- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pq7wV8qWtUk

Minimum age

All ages welcome


Basic familiarity with Excel will be useful. We won't be creating complex formulas. So, if you can write basic formulas, and navigate your way around Excel, you'll be ok.

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Oz du Soleil

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Oz du Soleil has been working with Excel for more than 10 years. His approach to Excel and Data Management is from a strategic and conceptual perspective because simple tools and a clear strategy can go much further than fancy tools and no strategy.

Oz's clients typically fall in two categories:

  1. Data that needs cleaning, organizing and reformatting.

  2. They need special app to help automate and simplify the way they manage their data.

Oz works with his clients on a large range of projects everything from merging contact lists and removing duplicates, to developing web scrapers and inventory control systems. Oz is looking forward to helping our Dabblers get organized-- both personally and professionally--and you can check out more of what he does here > www.datascopic.net.

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    Andrew C.
    Reviewed on 03/21/13

    I am trying to take my excel skills to the next level and that is why going to Oz's classes is an invaluable experience!

    I am trying to take my excel skills to the next level and that is why going to Oz's classes is an invaluable experience!

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