3 Excel Features That More Excel Users Should Know About

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Enough about VLOOKUPs and pivot tables! Let's go into the dark corners of Excel and uncover some of its underused power.

Advanced Filter
Extract and isolate data in ways that you can't with Excel's regular filter. Example:
4000 transactions, 2100-ish individual customers (you're not going to count that). Advanced filter can instantly generate a list of just those unique customers.

Join the 1% and use Excel Tables! Tables can replace dozens of delicate formulas. They allow your formulas to adjust as your source data shrinks and expands.

Dropdown lists are easily modified when they are tied to tables. If you've never made a dropdown list, you'll see the right way to do it.

Power Query
Introduced with Excel 2013 Pro Plus, Power Query does what Excel users have needed for a long time. Have you needed to append one massive dataset to the bottom of another massive dataset? Power Query can help. It can also import your Facebook data directly into Excel. Come and see!

This is an introduction, not a hands-on course. So, come out, order a beer and a burger, and learn some Excel.

NOTE: This is my final Excel course before moving to Portland, OR so, let's have some fun.

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This course is for people who spend at least 15 hours per week in Excel. You don't need mastery but you do need to have familiarity with Excel. If you can make a simple pivot table, you'll be fine. If you can't make a pivot table, but can at least comfortably navigate your way around Excel, you should come and at least see what's possible.

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Oz du Soleil

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Oz du Soleil is a longtime Excel user who is a consultant for small businesses in regards to their data and Excel needs.

Oz is co-host of Excel TV; he recently finished co-authoring a book with Mr. Excel and it's due in Spring 2015; he blogs about Excel and data literacy at his website: DataScopic.net; and Oz is in the film Sriracha: A Documentary by Griffin Hammond.


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