Data Visualization in Excel 2010 & 2013

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You have a lot of data in Excel and need summaries. Rows and columns of text and numbers isn't sufficient and they're meaningless in presentations. What do you do?

Build a summary page where you can see meaningful charts i.e., a dashboard. You're now in the world of data visualization!

Prior to Excel 2010 data visualization was a clumsy, formula-driven affair. In 2010 Excel developers gave us easy ways to create summaries and data visualization. Excel 2013 gave us a few more tools that promote ease and increased accuracy.

Check out the interactive dashboard that's embedded in this webpage: Sriracha Smackdown Results
The interactivity makes for even cleaner visualizations because users can adjust the controls for what they want to see; saving you from having to create multiple elements.

It's all Excel.
No coding.
No 3rd-party apps.
Easy to do! The greater challenge is in the collection and layout of the raw data. We will cover that in the workshop.

Unfortunately, the data visualization features in this workshop aren't available in Excel for Mac. But Mac users are invited to attend since this session is primarily a demo.

Prior to the workshop, students are invited to send requests, questions and sample data to ensure that your needs are integrated into the workshop.

Minimum age

All ages welcome


An interest in building dashboards in Excel. This course is primarily a demonstration for those who spend a lot of time in Excel and want to see what's possible. You should have at least some familiarity with Excel.
Absolute beginners may be freaked out.

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Oz du Soleil

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Oz du Soleil is a freelancer who does training, tutoring and consulting in Data Management, with focus on Microsoft Excel. One primary need of Oz's clients is dashboards. Dashboards for grading customer service reps, tracking social media analytics, phone system migration, taxes, sales commissions, marketing campaign participation, and the results of the Sriracha Smackdown where 5 judges came together to taste-test 9 brands of sriracha.

If it's data, it can be tracked and Oz can show you how to build a dashboard.


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    Rob K.
    Reviewed on 09/10/13

    We were shown some new features and tricks available to Excel 2013 users.

    We were shown some new features and tricks available to Excel 2013 users.

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