The Future of Cities in Avondale and Logan Square Tour

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This bus and walking tour invites Chicagoans to consider how recent changes in city living–particularly in Logan Square and Avondale–can provide insight into Chicago’s future as a “creative” and “experiential” city.  Your guide, Executive Director Amanda Scotese, will connect how distinct trends, such as luxury apartments, Divvy bikes, tourism, and online shopping, have changed the features of the neighborhood landscapes.

From our 37-passenger coach, we will view massive new structures, green pocket parks, trendy restaurants, and historic architecture. The group also disembarks the bus twice: once for a brief walk to get up-close with street art and once for a brewhouse tour at the new Metropolitan Brewing on the Chicago River. 

We will examine the term “hipster,” and how the presence of hipsters affects everything from storefront retail to home values. Guests get to see and consider recent developments, like the mega-popular 606 trail, as well as planned developments for historic buildings, like the shuttered Congress Theater or the abandoned Grace Furniture store. 

The group hops off the bus for a little walk on Milwaukee Avenue to explore the colorful street art, and how so many murals ended up here. Amanda, who lived in Logan Square for a decade, will also discuss some of the elements of design that make the MiCA towers so discomforting for many of us. 

The Logan Square tour also visits Avondale, once known as “Polish Village,” and now filled with boarded-up storefronts. Here we see how forces well beyond that of the confines of our neighborhoods can cause shifts in communities. Avondale, is, of course, following in the gentrification footsteps of Logan Square. 

At the Metropolitan Tap Room, the brewhouse tour includes background on the former industrial grounds, the history of the company, and explanation of their brewing process. They do not offer tours to the public yet so this is a special opportunity. And you’ll sample three 4 oz. beers of your choice!

After the tour, you can opt for another beer on your own and have a chance to chat with fellow neighbors and other Chicagoans about the changes around us. This Logan Square and Avondale tour is indeed designed for both residents of these neighborhoods as well as other Chicagoans. 

We hope you can come on this one-time-only Logan Square tour! Space is limited, and the tour is likely to sell out. We recommend you book ASAP.


Meeting and ending location: Ipsento 606 Cafe at 1813 N. Milwaukee Ave


Minimum age

All ages welcome

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Engaging tour guide commentary
  • Driving tour of Logan Square and Avondale neighborhoods
  • 3 beer samples per person
  • Gratuities for servers and driver
  • Special gifts
Cancellation Policy

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Our Philosophy
We believe that the primary role of a tour guide is to educate, so we create an interactive group dynamic and share educational tools and new perspectives for you to connect with the architecture of Chicago.

We are committed to responsible travel, so our tour company uses green practices and immerse you in a truly local experience.

We know that history is best told with a creative approach, so we use different media, like historic quotes, old photographs, and documentary film clips, to stimulate your imagination and present various perspectives.

We believe that a city like Chicago is more than “highlights,” so we share forgotten stories about both famous city landmarks and lesser-known attractions.

We understand that business is about building community, so our tour company likes to connect with tour operators, conventions, destination management companies, non-profits, community groups, senior groups, universities, cultural organizations, and Chicago businesses.

We treat all our tour guests like a new friend, because we believe in the importance of hospitality, and we love when tour guests have chosen to tour Chicago with a small business.

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