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Drinks taste better at Happy Hour. It's a fact. Ok, maybe more of an opinion, but beeswax candles do actually clean the air. It's science. Essential oils are all natural and come directly from plants, while strong Fragrance Oils are synthetic & often petroleum based. Essential oils add natural scent, have aromatherapy properties, and burning candles made with essential oils is another way of diffusing them!



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Real. Soaps

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Shamus is the owner of Real. Soaps, based in Chicago. He is a professional in the field & has been making soap and natural products since 2012.
After learning that most commercial 'soaps' are actually detergents (a cheap, synthetic version of the real deal) he learned how actual soap & other products are made from natural ingredients. Real. Soaps has grown over the years into an ever-expanding line of All Natural Bath & Body products carried in stores nationwide, including West Elm, Midway International Airport, and The Chicago Botanic Garden!

We don't use Palm Oil, Sulfates (SLS), Parabens, Phthalates, dyes, preservatives or other questionable ingredients. We only make small batches & use only our own blends of Pure Essential & Food Grade Oils. Each cruelty-free product is made sustainably by hand & with intention & care.

Please take a moment to watch this AMAZING video created by TouchVision about Shamus & Real. Soaps!

12 Have Dabbled

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