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With seven billion people on the planet and counting, chances are good that you're going to interact with at least one person every day. Relationships are an essential component of being human, and while every relationship looks different, they share certain challenges and offer other, definite benefits. Whether romantic, platonic, familial, or friendly, we all want the relationships in our lives to be fulfilling, healthy, and downright awesome!

On Saturday, July 16, 2016 certified life coach Lisa Raphael Bogaert, PhD will help you identify the obstacles currently clouding the most important relationships in your life. She will then walk you through the process of relationship goal-setting, offering one-on-one coaching on how to get where you want to be in your relationships. Meanwhile, Austin's premier ghostwriter Jess Hagemann will lead you through fun and reflective creative writing exercises meant to stimulate your inner love-letter fanatic and radically alter your perspective on what exactly a "healthy" relationship looks like.

Leave with a fresh enthusiasm for the most important people in your life, concrete ways of effectively communicating with them, and at least one heartfelt love letter to gift.

Refreshments provided. Come as you are! No writing experience necessary!

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Dr. Raphael Bogaert is an inquisitive coach, detail-attentive researcher, and a sensitive and caring human being. She has a PhD in Educational Psychology. She is also a wife and mother of two, with all kinds of relationship experience on which to draw!

Jess Hagemann is an award-winning author and accomplished biographer. With an MFA in Creative Writing, Jess taught writing at the university level before starting her ghostwriting business, Cider Spoon Stories, in 2015.

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