Suds and Wine (Soap)

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What do YOU do with your used cooking oil and coffee grounds?

This class will teach you how to make hot process soap. The oils we will be using are coconut oil, olive oil, and avocado oil. The avocado oil is reclaimed from a home fryer, and instructions for cleaning the oil for re-use will be given. You can use any of the oils recycled, or use fresh/unused oils. NO palm oil, and the resulting soap is also vegan. This soap has a nice creamy, bubbly lather. We will make one batch of kitchen soap (Coffee Peppermint) that is great for scrubbing off grit and deodorizing hands. These soaps can be made with common kitchen tools and ingredients, no fancy equipment to purchase!

The second batch will be lavender flower soap, scented with lavender buds and oil. This is a great bath soap with a clean, refreshing smell.
This class includes:

*Wine tasting! Included with the price (you must be 21 or older to enjoy the wine)
* A start to finish demonstration of hot process soap making.
* Written instructions and a recipe to take home
* 2 bars of soap, one Coffee Peppermint, and one Lavender Flower
* 2 reusable single bar soap molds

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All ages welcome

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Wine + Whey

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Schelli Nimz is a homesteading enthusiast who lives in Aurora with her dogs, chickens, and a lot of bees. She loves sharing what she learns, and figuring out new ways not to waste things. When she is not toiling over cauldrons of soap or canning, she plays banjo, spends a lot of time poking things in to or pulling them out of dirt, and writes incessantly. You can follow her adventures in growing older at

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