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Yes, it can really happen. David Stevens the founder of Yoga of the Mind knows we can all learn to listen to hear and follow our intuition. We are all intuitive. We all have the gift to know what our perfect life is.

During this intensive, you will learn the Yoga of the Mind active meditation to relax your mind and hear your intuitive voice.

Clarify what you really want.
Learn and practice techniques to clear blocks between us and our goals.
Magnetize yourself.
Be receptive to all our goals.

This workshop is $99   plus a 45 min. private phone call with David Stevens as a follow-up to class to fine-tune your plans. 

Past Students of Yoga of the Mind have benefited greatly from learning to shift their energy with our active meditation and energy work.

David, you are wonderful and I am grateful.

“Yoga of The Mind” has transformed my thought patterns and changed the way I think about life. Practicing this meditation has made me a more positive, optimistic and loving individual. Before, I would focus on what I lacked in life rather than focus on abundance and opportunities that were available

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Yoga of the Mind

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Intuitive David Stevens is your teacher. He has had a lifelong interest in helping people transform themselves through greater awareness. He has been a teacher of meditation since 1977 and has done over 2400 psychic and intuitive readings and energy healings in the past decade. In 2004, he founded Yoga of the Mind to teach people how to stretch, strengthen and balance all their internal abilities. His clients and students are from all walks of life across the US and around the world. They often report deeper peace, enhanced achievement and greater enjoyment of life as a result of learning the Yoga of the Mind active meditation and energy techniques.

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