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Join together with like-minded people to explore the biggest questions concerning who we are, where we come from and where we are going. These questions have captivated scientists and mystics for centuries. Gregg Braden connects the missing links between science and spirituality to complete our understanding of humanity’s history, the origins of civilization and our interconnection with all things.

Each session will feature 20 mins of networking and talk about the topic matter of this evenings show. Each Missing Links session is approx. 35 mins. Then we will have a short group discussion about what we just learned.

Please RSVP and plan to make a donation if you are able of $5-10 when you arrive.

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Physics of Our Deepest Connections |  “Missing Links” hosted by Gregg Braden and Gaia TV. 
If we can accept that everything is contained with the Field, then we no longer question if we are all connected. The question now becomes: How deeply are we connected? Two experiments, conducted by prominent scientists, reveal that the arrangement of photons and DNA can be directly influenced by human emotions. These findings seem to defy the conventional laws of physics but give us a means for understanding the mechanisms behind prayer, remote healing and miracles. When we learn to embrace these truths, we can begin to unlock the fullest potential we have available to us.

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Yoga of the Mind

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Yoga of the Mind is a Denver based school that specializes in helping you to grow by trusting your intuition. We have a proven curriculum that teaches you how to listen and follow your intuition. You will learn to incorporate our guided meditations, grounding techniques and live practice sessions into your daily life.

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