Harnessing the Laws of Attraction - Level II

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So, you have taken Harnessing the Laws of Attraction and YOU WANT MORE! We will be learning more about the Laws of Attraction, and more importantly sharing about the ways you have been harnessing them since our first class as well as uncovering the blocks and fears that are getting in your way.

I will facilitate the discussion around these topics, and yet, as you know since you have taken my class(es), you often get as much from the other participants as the class itself! Join like-minded people on similar journeys to connect with and share about your experiences with the laws of attraction.

You will leave with a newly revised game plan on how to fully celebrate the successes you have already had and with a clear vision on how to work through your fears or blocks on important goals you have in your life.

I have studied the laws of attraction for over 20 years and have been practicing it since I was 12 when some pieces of it came through to me. It is like gravity--it is happening whether you know it--use it or not, so check out how you can fully harness this powerful "law". I think you will be glad you did.

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Pen and/or journal if you want to use your own

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All ages welcome


enrolled and taken Harnessing the Laws of Attraction

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What's Provided

Pens and Packets for the Course

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Tracy Laverty

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Tracy is a Top Rated Dabble teacher and loves the topic of the Laws of Attraction and has invested countless hours into understanding and utilizing it in both her and her clients' lives. She have been blessed by so many miracles through harnessing LOA, feel free to ask her if it will help you decide. She has studied Abraham Hicks as well as attending their seminars.

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