Creating a Soul Proprietorship

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Have you ever noticed the difference between people who seem to love what they do and those who just go to work? The people who live life by their own rules, create their existence to be exactly as they envisioned and have freedom of schedule are the lucky ones=-)
This course is about discovering what you REALLY want in life by forming your SOUL PROPRIETORSHIP. Think of what your soul wants, truly needs, to be happy. Now, imagine doing that very thing …EVERY DAY, and MAKING MONEY! So how do you get from here…to there?
Simple. You form your own Soul Proprietorship, which is a profitable one-person business that reflects your purpose and honors your values.
We will explore the following aspects of starting your business:
 What are your top four values?
 What is your mission statement for your life and your business?
 How do you write a SIMPLE business plan?
 How do you develop your confidence and courage to begin the process?
If you are ready to explore your dream business, I look forward to working with you.

What to Bring

Pen or pencil if you wish to use your own=-)

Minimum age

All ages welcome


There are no official prerequisites, and it may be worth your time to check out the "Clean Sweep: Improve your Energy and Clean up your Life" and "Discover your Values, Create your Life" plan as well to ensure your foundation is ready for this next adventure! The Harnessing the Laws of Attraction also gives great information on how to add rocket fuel to your dreams.

What's Provided

Yes, I will have a package of materials for this class.

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Tracy Laverty

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Tracy Laverty is a Top Rated Dabble teacher and has over twenty years of business and life experience. Tracy created Laverty Consulting in 2000, so she could serve as a liaison between her clients and their personal and professional goals.

She is a Coach, Confidant and Consultant to people who want to create and live their best life personally and professionally. Tracy’s enthusiasm and authentic style are complemented by her commitment to assist her clients with producing results in their lives. Tracy believes that people can have exactly what they want in life, and by having clarity around what that looks like, they can achieve that vision. Tracy’s clients enjoy the following benefits:

 Living a life that is 100% REAL and is created through their intuition and inspired actions
 Speaking their truth and honoring their values
 Experiencing a fulfilling life and feeling grateful, peaceful and happy

On a personal note, Tracy has many hobbies, including traveling the United States and beyond, having outdoor adventures and writing. Tracy is a native of Chicago, and she, and her beloved daughter Ireland Grace, live in the South Loop.

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