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How do you balance your professional life with your personal life?
What do you do when the challenges you face at work seem to take over your life and you have no time for your family?
Who can you talk to that will understand the problems you face and can offer solutions?
The answer may well be a Professional Women’s Peer Group.

The Women’s Peer Group can provide you with the following:
• Help you visualize your ideal life and create a plan for implementing your vision.
• Teach you to create a balance in all areas of your life.
• Learn to make time for yourself, your passions, your family and your work.
• Recognize and act on your intuition and understand why this is important.
• Learn to find peace of mind and happiness on a daily basis.

The Key Benefits are:
• Receiving support, insights and coaching from other women—Women Empowering Women.
• Having a safe and confidential place to go each month so you can hear and be heard.

What to Bring

Pen or Pencil=-)

Minimum age

All ages welcome


There are no solid prerequisites, but the Clean Sweep Program is a great first class, then Discovering your Values, Creating your Life Plan is a great second class and finally Harnessing the Laws of Attraction is the key to keeping everything on track=-) Experiencing a Women's Peer Group is just for women, and would be an ongoing class that would help support the expansion of consciousness and the implementation of goals.

What's Provided

Yes, an Action Plan document for your goal setting.

Cancellation Policy


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Tracy Laverty

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Tracy Laverty is a Top Rated Dabble teacher and has over twenty years of business and life experience. Tracy created Laverty Consulting in 2000, so she could serve as a liaison between her clients and their personal and professional goals.

She is a Coach, Confidant and Consultant to people who want to create and live their best life personally and professionally. Tracy’s enthusiasm and authentic style are complemented by her commitment to assist her clients with producing results in their lives. Tracy believes that people can have exactly what they want in life, and by having clarity around what that looks like, they can achieve that vision. Tracy’s clients enjoy the following benefits:

 Living a life that is 100% REAL and is created through their intuition and inspired actions
 Speaking their truth and honoring their values
 Experiencing a fulfilling life and feeling grateful, peaceful and happy

On a personal note, Tracy has many hobbies, including traveling the United States and beyond, having outdoor adventures and writing. Tracy is a native of Chicago, and she, and her beloved daughter Ireland Grace, live in the South Loop.

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