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Mass produced anything leaves creativity by the wayside. In this class, the recipe for an artfully produced piece includes one part creative ingenuity, one part gumption and one part with sewing (machine and/or hand).

Beginning sewers will be coached, and all will be encouraged to think beyond what's already been done. Dabblers will come away with fundamental sewing skills that will serve as a good foundation from which to build. There will be discussion and demonstration of collecting, sketch-booking and the techniques of freeform in creating mixed media textiles. The end goal? Could be creating marketable works of art, if you so choose.

You'll leave having answers to any burning questions you have, including:
- what exactly is an applique?
- how do you know how to thread when using a needle and thread?
- how do you hide knots when quilting?
- how do you begin a chain with a crochet needle and yarn?

The limit is only defined by your creativity. The instructor will present a few set projects and have materials and reference books available plus examples of projects that can be started.

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Sara has been a textile artist and maker for many years. She owns Muk Designs, through which she sells her original pieces, each a form of self-expression. She draws from her degree in English and Fashion Design to inspire her creations. She is the offspring of two generations of educators and is passionate about sharing her skills.

In addition to the links below, Sara's blog can be found at

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