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Ready to expand your reach, elevate your platform, amplify your message, build your personal brand or grow your community network of people with shared interests using the power of podcasting?

Maybe you've been dreaming of launching your own podcast -- you've got a solid idea, a passion to share your vision, and a whole lot of hustle -- but how on earth do you get your show up and running online?

Come "pod-dream" with me -- Let's discover what audio storytelling can do for you and how to make your podcast the envy of the rest!

We will:

  • Define what actually makes a podcast a podcast

  • Choose the right format for your show (self-hosted, co-hosted, interview, storytelling, etc)

  • Get a peek behind the curtain for the nuts & bolts of what it takes to launch a podcast (and how to get it into iTunes, Google Play Music, etc)

  • Conquer the tech! Get reccommendations for gear and software

  • Learn best practices for high-quality production value that has you sounding like a pro from the start

You have a vision, a voice, and now it's time to create your own vehicle for self-expression, for connection, for brand building and more. While it may seem implausible at first, you CAN learn to do it yourself (or decide to hire out the parts you don't want to DIY after all!) The magic of podcasting is that once you know a few key things, the technology can be the vehicle to a massive shift in perspective.

Together we'll play with themes, titles, topics and get a glimpse of what's on the other side when you open the door to imagining your very own podcast.


Andrea Klunder launched her own podcast, The Creative Impostor, after a year of DIY research, sifting through (often outdated) online courses and significant trial and (lots of) error. Don't be like Andrea... get the inside scoop and get into creative action!



What to Bring

Pen & Notebook, journal or paper

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

Pod-Dreaming Worksheet, Microphone & Audio Recorder

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Podcast Styles
  • Gear & Software
  • Best Practices
  • The Power of Podcasts
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Andrea Klunder

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Andrea Klunder is a Meditation Facilitator for startups & creatives and the Producer & Host of The Creative Impostor podcast, a show all about how to get out of your head and take bold action in your life and work, despite the inner and outer critics who try to hold you back.

She is the founder of the Chicago Women's Creative Collective, a community for women who make things: art, books, blogs, podcasts, theatre, films, websites, businesses, food and any other creative endeavor you can imagine!

We host weekly co-working sessions around Chicago so you can get out of your home office and stay focused; monthly brunches to explore the topics that matter most to us and Gallery Nights to showcase our works-in-process and inspire each other to just keep creating.

Andrea is probably addicted to both learning and teaching and helping others to do the same!


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