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Ever wanted to make a webinar, training video, or online promotion but didn't know where to start or what to say? Got an idea for content and feeling nervous about being on camera?

With media-making opportunities at our fingertips, online marketing and e-learning trends, the demand for video is growing and you want to be sure your voice stands out above the white noise of the same-old, same-old content from everyone else.

Whether you're creating an e-course, webinar, presentation for a virtual summit or online conference, this class will help you get started with a clear action plan. You'll learn step-by-step how to create video content aligned with your own unique passion, powers, and purpose so you can make an authentic, effective connection with your audience.

We'll even cover presentation styles, options and resources for becoming a more confident online speaker and trainer. There are a lot of ways to approach video content and we'll find what works best for you!

Please note, this class does NOT cover actual video production skills or equipment, BUT we do offer that as a separate class called DIY Video Production for Solopreneurs. Sign up for both classes on the same day and you’ll get an opportunity for us to help you practice shooting your new video content.

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Andrea Klunder

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Andrea works with creative professionals, artists and healers to facilitate authentic self-expression driven by passion, power and purpose in their life and work. As a creative business consultant, she has been featured by The Yogipreneur Virtual Conference series, the Women in Travel Summit, and the Women’s Health Foundation.

As a healer, she believes that self-care is essential to a sustainable practice. She offers holistic services and classes in yoga, meditation, therapeutic bodywork, voice and mantra and has worked with everyone from total beginners, to babies, to women in developing countries, to celebrities like actress Diane Lane.

Andrea blogs at and is launching a podcast by the same name, all about that little voice in your head that says "maybe you're not ready..." or "who are you to think you can do that?" or "what if you don't really have anything good enough, different enough, useful enough to say?" She is the founder and organizer of Sound Healing Chicago and the Chicago Women’s Creative Collective on Most importantly, Andrea loves singing kirtan (musical meditation) as much as humanly possible.

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