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Love Your Camera, Love Your Photos will take much of the mystery out of your camera with easy-to-understand, jargon-free explanations on shutter speed, aperture, white balance, ISO, exposure metering, spot, evaluative and centre weighted as well as AI Servo and other Auto Focus modes.

"Love Your Camera, Love Your Photos" will also give you insight into composition and explain certain elements that will greatly improve your overall vision and understanding of photography.

This photography course has benefit both to the beginner who is struggling to find the 'ON' switch and the intermediate enthusiast who is looking to enhance their knowledge and skills and progress in their photographic process.

If you are unsure about white balance, histogram, raw vs. jpeg or pretty much anything else about your camera, then this Remember Forever photography course is the ideal introduction to your SLR and a perfect stepping stone into beautiful photography.

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Luke is Remember Forever founder and CEO who started the company in 2008. Having started his photographic studies in high school, Luke continued working in the field as well as expanding his career into other areas including film and television production, marketing and sales, business management, teaching, the travel industry and journalism.

For Luke, Remember Forever is the culmination of an extremely varied career bringing together his love of photography and production as well as his experience in business management and education. Despite loving every element of Remember Forever, Luke prefers abandoning the desk and administration for spending time with our customers and taking photos.

Luke is the author of every Remember Forever course module and is a sought after photographer in the United States and Australia. His landscape photography work is critically acclaimed and he is regularly sought as a guest lecturer and speaker on photographic topics.

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