Meditation through Transcendental Hypnosis

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Transcendental hypnosis is a potent form of meditation. Learn how to quiet the chatter in your mind so your body and mind peacefully unite as one. Turn your anxious, fearful thoughts into a serene meditation and take a welcomed break from your problems. After this class you will have the skills to experience the calm, relaxing benefits of meditation again and again.

You already possess everything you need to meditate; discover how your hobbies, interests and memories can lead to meditation. Transcendental hypnosis is an ideal form of meditation for Western men and women who have difficulty practicing Eastern meditation. Already scientists have proven meditation helps to alleviate backaches, headaches, hypertension, mental blocks, anxiety symptoms and more! If you have been postponing learning to meditate, stop now because its never too late to exercise more control over your mind, body and life.

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The course Meditation through Transcendental Hypnosis is taught by Dr. Jay Stone, a highly-regarded clinical hypnotherapist with a full-time private practice. Dr. Stone is also the host of Inner Quest, a Chicago-area cable television show. He and his guests discuss ancient and modern healing arts and the many paths leading to self-discovery. Inner Quest airs Sundays at 1 p.m. and Tuesdays at 7 p.m. on Channel 19.


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