The Basics of Astrology

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Is reading your newspaper horoscope every morning a daily ritual, yet find it hard to believe that you can be pigeonholed into just one sign along with everyone else born at the same time of year? Or are you someone who was born in early May, yet find it hard to believe that you possess the stubbornness typically attributed to Taureans? Or have you looked at a drawing of your chart and ended up even more confused about what the meaning of the blue and red lines?

Look no further! This class will cover the foundations of Western Astrology in which we will delve into learning about the Sun, Moon and Rising and the importance they have on one's life, expression, and emotions.

This class will be a lecture with a chance for discussion about applying the principles to your own natal chart, which makes you uniquely you!

By the end of class you should have a start in understanding how your life is written in the stars!

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Jerry Mikutis happily teaches yoga and loves to share with her students her love for yoga as a moving meditation of the body which leads to a serenity and joy of the mind. Jerry is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Karuna Reiki Master, a New Paradigm MDT Practitioner and a Pranic Healer. She also reads natal charts in the Western Astrology tradition of the tropical zodiac.

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