2017: Get Your Groove Back

with Jen Friend

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Fitness & Wellness

Event Overview

The election and the holidays were stressful. World events are dis-stressful. But there is no reason any of us need to stay in a fearful, anxious or distressed place. Come learn how to find peace of mind, tranquility and confidence and maintain them even in the face of trouble or fearful events.


During the last part of our time together, Jen Friend of dōTERRA Essential oils will provide a multi-sensory experience of how essential oils can support and help you retain your peace and confidence as you return to your daily life. Each participant will receive a free sample.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Heart-Thread Session
  • Aromatherapy Experience
Cancellation Policy

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I am a certified nutritionist, lifestyle coach, fitness trainer, Integral yoga teacher & doTERRA Wellness Advocate with a passion for understanding the profound power of nature to heal the human body. I teach free weekly classes on holistic health & essential oils, lead oil-infused yoga classes, and coach people through their journeys to health and financial freedom. Please visit www.SantaFeEssentialOils.com for the full schedule of upcoming events.

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