Learn to Start Your Own Cannabis Business

with Jen Friend

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Business & Technology

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5pm - 6pm

The Integral Center

in the Lounge


Have you ever wanted to get in on the "Green Rush", but don't know where to start? Do you have a passion for health and wellness? Have you dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur in a field that is fun and fulfilling, or in which you can truly help a LOT of people?


Being an entrepreneur in this growing industry is massively rewarding. But it's often cost-prohibitive. Most people end up investing tons of money and going into debt in order to get started.


That's not necessary! On Tuesdays, we will be hosting a presentation to teach you how to start your business in the LEGAL and therapeutic realm of hemp/CBD for extremely low startup cost, and with a simple business model that's effective.


Please come, and bring friends. Who do you know that can benefit from Hemp CBD Oil? Who do you know who could benefit from an extra paycheck or two? Or from being self-employed?

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I am a certified nutritionist, lifestyle coach, fitness trainer, Integral yoga teacher, doTERRA Wellness Advocate, and Prime Hemp Oil affiliate, with a passion for understanding the profound power of nature to heal the human body. I teach free weekly classes on holistic health, essential oils and hemp-based wellness, lead oil-infused yoga classes, and coach people through their journeys to health and financial freedom.

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