Play with Clay: An Intro to Ceramics

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Some people look at a brown, mushy lump of clay as an enemy to their fresh manicure. And some people look at a brown mushy lump of clay as an infinite possibility for creating wonderful, handmade ceramics.

What could you make with a slab of clay? You'll find out in this Dabble class, which will introduce students to the building and decorating techniques of the pottery world. Learn popular hand-building terminology and techniques, including prepping your surface, selecting your clay and molding it into a number of pieces ... through to the finishing, painting and glazing process.

After instruction on the basics of ceramics, students will have the opportunity to put paper to practice-- creating a clay piece of your choice. Think mugs, bowls, trays, boxes, vases or wall-decorations, and then get a lesson on finishing options for your beautiful new work of art.

Students will leave with a completed project, with options to color the piece themselves with underglazes painted right onto the wet clay (a clear glaze will be applied later), or choose from a selection of glazes to be applied after the first firing.

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Barb Hill

Barb Hill has been playing in the mud for eleven years, after taking a pottery class in Mesa, Arizona that somehow lasted three years. She bought a pottery wheel and electric kiln, and just kept going - always learning, always teaching, always creating. Barb relocated to Milwaukee in 2009 and now has a small ceramics studio in the basement of the Milwaukee house she shares with her husband, two sons and two cats. Besides the feel of clay spinning beneath her fingers and the anticipation of opening the (finally!) cooled kiln, Barb's favorite thing about pottery is the look on a student's face when they realize they just built something they didn't think they would ever be able to.


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