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For this Dabble class, we're going back to the drawing board. And we're picking up some fresh ink. And we're going to town.

Beginning and intermediate artists alike can benefit from this workshop where students will develop their drawing skills using ink as a medium.

We'll spend the first part of class getting familiar with our medium: learning about all of its idios-ink-racies (har har), and discussing different ways to apply ink to paper, ways to look at a subject and ways to translate that subject to paper.

Then we'll put practice to paper, recreating a number of still life installations into the 2-D realm. Though still life objects will be available for class, students are encouraged to bring something inspiring of their own to draw if they so choose.

Leave feeling more comfortable using ink as an artistic medium, and with a completed illustration that was drawn and perfected by you with guidance from the instructor.

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Stephanie Davies

Stephanie Davies has a BFA in Scientific Illustration from The School of the Art Institute where she studied under Peggy McNamara at The Field Museum. She's been a working freelance artist for over 10 years and, since moving to Milwaukee in 2008, Stephanie has shown her work in several galleries and has curated a show at BYO Studio Gallery in Bayview for the last three years entitled "Ink" which focuses on getting the work of up and coming illustrative artists into galleries.

9 Have Dabbled

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