Spring Into Yes! WonderWalk and Workshop

with Peter Kime

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Spring says Yes! to new beginnings and new possibilities. This Spring WonderWalk will support you in doing the same . . . saying Yes! to your heart and your life. Join us for this special indoor-outdoor workshop to activate your shaman heart. Then journey outdoors, into intimate communion with Spring's inventiveness and vitality.

Reawaken your primordial way of knowing and step outside the verbal and conceptual, directly into Nature's life current and intelligence. Let the confidence and verve of Spring infuse and inform you. Beautiful for any dream you wish to nourish, or place in your heart you wish to heal.

Explore with a mini-quest book to help you open to Nature's guidance and support on your self-directed WonderWalk. Raydiant Day is located in a beautiful residential neighborhood. We'll send you out to explore with your new eyes, sense, commune, and restore.

The Afternoon ~ Indoors and Out
* The Shaman ~ Why Life is Calling Us All to Be One
* Direct Perception, Knowledge, and Your Heart's 7 Intelligences
* Knowing Heart Raydiant Pathway Activation
* Outdoors ~ Self-Directed WonderWalk with Mini-Questbook and Map
* A Shaman's Tool: Reconvene for encoding the Gifts from Your WonderWalk, Reflect, and Share

Dress for the weather. Wear something you won't mind getting a little scruffy.

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With 25 years of experience and research as an energy healer and spiritual life coach, Peter Kime is able to access and help restore the archetypal fields you use to construct your consciousness and reality—from your ability to accumulate wealth and embrace love, to beliefs that produce self-sabotaging behavior and ill-health. Out of this understanding, he created Raydiant Lightware™ and Raydiant Pathways to offer people a set of tools that they can use on their own and in workshops for clearing negative patterns and restoring their higher blueprint for health and fulfillment.

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