Raydiant Heart ~ Raydiant Self: A Raydiant Pathway Workshop

with Peter Kime

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Fitness & Wellness

Event Overview

In this workshop we will introduce you to a new interactive visual process for evolving your self called Raydiant Pathways. Raydiant Pathways take you on a journey that start with your positive intention—and lead you to landscapes of color, light, and shape that allow your soul to re[member] your divine blueprint for being. As you are meant to be.

In this 4-hour workshop, you will receive healing at the light body level to help you journey to your Raydiant Heart, your source of inner light and wisdom. Connect with your in-dwelling Raydiant Self and experience its deep intelligence and strength. Be empowered and inspired by its love and truth in your life and relationships.

We will explore the nature of your Raydiant Self and complete a Circle Self Raydiant Pathway for integrating its higher purpose and power at your heart-mind level:
• Develop your capacity to be your truth—clear, free, and authentic.
• Experience greater inner peace, strength, and courage.
• Create more joy, connection, and nourishment in your relationships.
• Take home a love letter from your own Raydiant Self to support you in the days ahead.

What to Bring

A bottle of water, a notebook and pen, and an extra pair of socks for keeping your feet comfy.

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

All other materials will be provided.

Cancellation Policy

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With 25 years of experience and research as an energy healer and spiritual life coach, Peter is able to access and help restore the archetypal fields you use to construct your consciousness and reality—from your ability to accumulate wealth and embrace love, to beliefs that produce self-sabotaging behavior and ill-health. Out of this understanding, he created Raydiant Lightware™ and Raydiant Pathways to offer people a set of tools that they can use on their own and in workshops for clearing negative patterns and restoring their higher blueprint for health and fulfillment.

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