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SOUL BREATHING™ is a powerful process that consistently generates profound physical, emotional & mental self-healing & deepens your connection with Spirit. Breath is Spirit in & through the body. It is your connection from body to soul. ​Soul Breathing is a conscious, connected breathing process that activates a vibration in you that you can feel at a deep cellular level. This vibration effectively transmutes & releases old emotions & self-limiting thought patterns, allowing you to instantly feel your infinite connection to Spirit.

• Create better health • Relieve stress and anxiety • Detox and rejuvenate your body • Increase your energy, life force and vitality • Release emotional baggage and trauma • Relax your thoughts and clear your mind • Connect with a deeper part of yourself • Access higher states of conscious awareness

In a SOUL BREATHING Workshop you will...
• UNDERSTAND how your breath is blocked.
• LEARN how to open up constricted, shallow breathing.
• EXPERIENCE a deep, diaphragmatic connected breathing process, using music, sound healing, body mapping, & affirmations for body-mind-spirit integration.
• DISCOVER the power of your breath.
• FEEL Light, Joyful & Free.
• RECEIVE a 5 minute take home breathing practice.

Come, hear what it's all about with breath expert Terri Peterson, & experience the transformational power of your breath. How you BREATHE, IS How you Live. When you change your breath, you can truly change your life!

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Terri Peterson, SBF, TBF, RPh, is a 35+ year healthcare professional with 15 years experience in the holistic realm. Terri is an expert in the field of Conscious Breathwork and is a certified facilitator in both Transformational Breath® and Soul Breathing™. She has also studied Global Somatic™ breathwork and Integrative Breathwork, as well as a myriad of ancient breathing practices. Terri has explored many forms of energy work and holds certification in Pranic Healing® and Reiki.

Terri is an engaging teacher and a change catalyst. She offers a unique path to personal transformation and optimum health and wellness through Conscious Breathwork. Terri teaches breathwork individually, in small groups and at larger conferences and events. She also brings breathwork into the business setting. Through her highly sought-after tips and breath awareness tools, Terri offers practical solutions toward reducing personal stress and creating a happier and healthier workplace.

Terri is a living example of ‘West meets East’ as she continues to expand her holistic work in tandem with her nearly 4 decades as a Registered Pharmacist. Terri offers a variety of sessions and classes in the Twin City metro area where she resides; she also travels extensively offering breath workshops and retreats throughout the United States and abroad. One of her most rewarding and memorable experiences, to-date, was breathing a group of Burmese students from the Thailand Myanmar refugee camps as part of a health care professional training program in the Mae Sot district of Western Thailand. "Breathe Fully, Live Freely!" /

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