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Are you curious about energy healing? Are you aware of energies like stress or self-doubt that you would like to transmute? Our healing potential is innate in all of us, though often dormant. Awaken this intelligence within you and realize that you have the capacity to engage your heart, mind and body in a powerful new way.  In this workshop you will learn and practice the fundamentals of working with Light and Life Force Energy. We will explore the theory behind energy healing, learn how to work with Light, and we will experience energy healing as we practice through guided exercises.  Participants will have the opportunity to join a free weekly meditation group.

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Notebook and pen

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All ages welcome

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Course material

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24 hours notice required for refunds



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Elizabeth Wasserman is a trained clinical psychotherapist, with a concentration in the healing arts. After obtaining her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology in the United States, she became certified in Tomatis, Reiki, Huna, Drisana, and several other energy based healing modalities. Her passion evolved into working holistically, facilitating healing and transformation at the level of mind, body, and soul. After witnessing profound transformation in the people she worked with, she began offering workshops to teach people how to move from limitation to greater expanded states of being. In addition to community workshops, Elizabeth continues to offer individual sessions for healing and also transformational coaching via Skype. Each session is intuitively guided and unique to each client.

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