The Art & Practice of Walking

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Arts & DIY

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Put the wonder back in your walking. Step in, step out, and step up! Bring new energy and inspiration to your walks!

Recent research shows that walking has many benefits: it can help you improve physical health, escape from mental ruts, facilitate learning, access insights, find inspiration, and discover new places, spaces, and experiences. Yet, the automatic and practical nature of walking means that it is something we often do without much thought or attention. Thus, sometimes those benefits are not always easy to access. In this fun, interactive, informative, and engaging workshop, we will help you find, reclaim, and redirect that attention. Using improvisation, storytelling and other creative tools we well help you refine your walking practice, artfully reconnect to walking’s many benefits, and bring new energy and inspiration to your walks.


What Happens During the Workshop?

The workshop takes place in four parts:

  • First, we will take a brief look at the history of walking, and discover how different artists, writers, scientists, religious leaders, and other perambulating humans have used walking as a practical, creative, spiritual, or otherwise meaning-making endeavor.

  • We will also take a quick gander at some of the fascinating new studies that look at the benefits of walking

  • Next, we will take some of those ideas and put them into practice and do some experiential and interactive exercises to test out a few different approaches to walking.

  • Then, we will take that newfound wisdom out into the world and go on a series of short walks that might include a group walk, paired walks, and also a solo walk.

After that, we will meet back at the gallery, share stories and insights about our walks, and finally, there will be the chance to capture your thoughts in a tiny eight-fold zine.

What to Bring

Wear clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable walking and moving in. If it is raining, we will still venture out for a bit so bring an umbrella or rain jacket. We will have water and cookies. If you want another beverage there are two coffee shops near

What's Provided

Materials for creating the zine will be provided.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Fun and insight-filled afternoon finely honing your walking practice
  • A template for an eight-fold zine and instructions for making your own
  • Completion pin. Wow your friends and amaze your colleagues with your very o
  • Discount code for classes and workshops at The Chicago Mosaic School
  • Discount code for an upcoming Lamb Ink workshop or online classes
  • A portion of the proceeds will go towards a donation to the Chicago Mosaic
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In 2012, Jeanne left her lucrative career in academia and heritage conservation to pursue an equally lucrative one in training, storytelling, performance, improvisation, and writing. She has told stories, produced, emceed, and done improv in all sorts of places, some sanctioned, some not. In 2014, while living in Hong Kong, she made it official and established a small company, Lamb Ink. She has since performed, presented, facilitated, and conducted workshops and trainings in North America, Europe, and Asia. Ms. Lambin's workshops have been described as "amazing," "powerful," and "great fun." A common thread through all her work has been the desire to connect individuals, groups, and organizations to people, causes, and things that they care about and give them the tools that they need to take meaningful action and inspire change. She is Vice President of the Applied Improvisation Network, a founding member of Improv for Humanity, and Instigator-in-Chief of The Quest: Improv for Transformation. She recently relocated back to Chicago.

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