Creating Crystal Gem Elixir's

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A Crystal Gem Elixiir is a tincture made of purified water and the vibrational essence of a natural crystal or several natural crystal's. Crystal's placed directly in the purified water during one sun cycle and one moon cycle. Each elixir can assist in healing of a mirad of ailments, including but limited to stomach issues, sleep disorders, anxiety, hypertension, joint and muscle pain. Elixir's can also bring in higher states of vibration and consciousness for your spiritual clarity and understanding.

We will be using both the energetic power of the crystal and essential oil - (plant energetic's) learning about the crystal's and what medicinal purpose they have and how to use them in our everyday lives. Dabblers will learn how to use them in your sacred space for healing, How to clear them via palo santo smudge. Crystal grid's for creation and manifestation. You will leave this class with the knowledge of how to create your own healing crystal gem elixir's.

In this class we will create 3 Crystal Gem Elixir's. We will provide the purified and energized crystals with purified water and (2) viles with dropper of your choice of 2 Crystal Gem Elixir's mixed with 100 % pure essential doterra plant essences and 100 proof liquor for sustainablility. A detailed description of your crystal gem elixir and it's healing properites. You will also receive as a free gift (1) healing crystal.

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Jacqueline Spaargaren
Energy and Mind Body Connection Teacher/Empowerment Journey Life Coach
Founder and Executive Director of Chicago Centre For Life Management
Creator of Divine Authentic Beauty/Chakra and Aligning Body Products

Jacqueline was taught at an early age indigenous shamanistic practices by her grandmother and has become a master in energy and chakra alignment and leads shamanic journey's. She has 20 years experience in public service as well. She works on a deep subconscious level to bring about clearing of stuck energy produced by trauma and facilitates embracing new patterns and mindsets to create healthy living.

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