Indo Kitchen: Tumis Tahu Tauge

with Bumbu Roux

Event Category

Food & Drink

Event Overview

Learn to cook Indonesian food at home from two generations of experts! This month we're cooking Tumis Tahu Tauge (Spicy stir-fried tofu w/ bean sprouts) and two of sides. We're excited to share some of our favorite Indonesian dishes with you in a series of bi-monthly home cooking classes. By the end of the class, you'll have a full home-cooked dinner for two. This class is good for cooks at any level and will be entirely vegetarian.


A box delivered straight to your door, filled with the ingredients you need for this dinner
A live-streamed cooking course - you'll be able to cook along with us in real-time and ask questions as you go!
A copy of the recipe, so you can add it to your repertoire.

If this is your first class with us, we recommend also ordering the BUMBU ROUX KITCHEN BOX, which includes all your soy sauces, sambals, and essential Indonesian ingredients here.

What to Bring

Basic kitchen tools including a pot, a pan, a chopping knife, and a large spoon.

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

Bumbu Roux will deliver or mail a box including all of the ingredients needed for the recipes we cook in this class.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Hands-on, real-time cooking
  • General tips for Asian cooking
  • Home-cooked dinner for two!
  • Vegetarian recipes
Cancellation Policy


There are currently no upcoming dates scheduled for this Dabble. Log in to an account message the host or add to your bucket list to be automatically notified when new dates are posted.


At its heart, the Bumbu Roux is the story of a guy from Louisiana and a young woman from Indonesia who had a son that loves to eat.

Established in spring of 2008 by chef Chris Reed and his Dutch-Indonesian mother Jane, Rice Table was originally conceived as a way to sell their family's Indonesian dishes at local street festivals, There they discovered a demand for true Indonesian food in Chicago, the company quickly grew into a full service caterer and pop-up dinner host. Along the way chef Chris began to also incorporate classic Creole ndishes, learned from his Louisiana-born father Don into his repertoire.

Today, Bumbu is a delightful marriage of seafood gumbo and sweet-soy ginger chicken. Focused on showcasing the best of both Indonesian and Cajun cuisines, Bumbu Roux stands out from the rest as a truly unique caterer.

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