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Are you an international professional who wants to make friends, find jobs, interview successfully and get along well with your American co-workers? Learn the American skill of making friendly conversation. It often begins with small talk, which is inconsequential in conversation with friends, co-workers and even complete strangers. Americans like the way small talk creates a comfortable, friendly feeling between people. It’s a way of establishing common ground, if only for a few minutes, and Americans greatly prefer small talk to silence.

Do you have no idea how to make small talk and build that friendly rapport? Let's work on it! This workshop teaches what topics are good, what goes on in the mind of an American, how to engage people and make a good "first impression." Americans are very focused on "first impressions." By the end of this two-hour class you’ll know how to approach people in a variety of situations, you will have had some practice doing it and you’ll take home helpful handouts so you can practice on your own.


What's Provided

Handouts, folders.

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • Interview for jobs
  • Make friends
  • Get along with co-workers
  • Go on dates
  • Enjoy parties
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I have degrees from U.C. Berkeley and Cornell and have taught college courses and adult classes. I'm an American culture coach and the founder of Welcome Dialogue LLC. As the great-granddaughter of Mexican immigrants, I understand the challenges of adjusting to a new language and culture.

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