Explore Family Connections: Known, Unknown & Even Hidden

with Team Sage

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ONLINE CLASS. Lots of people are fascinated with capturing family history. But today so many families are discovering that their trees are not as conventional as they may have thought. Ancestry dna testing is helping us explore family connections in a new way. Whether you are connecting to bio-family for the first time, identifying family members you didn’t know existed, or uncovering new connections to places of the world or times of history, you can explore, process, appreciate and become more aware in your journal.

The exploding popularity of ancestry science is connecting information, and people in all new ways. We are learning that there are three types of family information:  known, unknown and even hidden.

Insight Writing is an approach to journaling that allows you to write from your intuition, your gut instinct, perceptions, dreams and even the symbolic.

Explore the basics of insight writing as you explore connections to yourself and your own family — whether they are known, unknown or hidden to you. Experience your own sense of self-appreciation, relationship healing, and compassion in the process.

What to Bring

Notebook, paper, favorite journal and pen; or any keyboard device

Minimum age

17 years or older

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • journal
  • family
  • ancestry
  • genealogy
  • wellness
  • mindfulness
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Reflective journal writing is a way to direct your own growth, to tap the wisdom within. For 25+ years I’ve helped individuals, families, organizations navigate change. I’ve studied leading thinkers and used their guided journal writing methods myself.

I coach people in transition — so they can rediscover their own personal truths and move forward. I combine my passion and skills for innovation, personal growth, and problem-solving to help others tap their own inner wisdom when they need it most. When we embrace our own talents and inner wisdom, a new future is possible.

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