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Two Day Workshop (March 9th and 10th) both days from 10 AM to 3 PM.

You will be learning a self-meditative practice based on a contemplative methodology. Mindfitness Meditation is an effortless mental technique that does not require positions, breathing techniques or even any ability. 

MindFitness is by far more effective than meditation and other similar techniques for relaxation. It works with the natural tendency of the mind which is to find higher happiness and the natural tendency of the body with is to heal itself. The results can be seen in as little as 6 weeks of self-practice. 

Benefits include: improve sleeping and rest, more productive and creative mind, blood pressure, mental health, emotional strength, self-empowerment.


  • Choice: Its importance and power

  • Thoughts: Creating your life and body

  • Perception: From victim to creator

  • Root Stress: How it affects your life

  • Mechanics: How and why it works

  • States of Consciousness: Expanding your awareness

  • Mental fitness technique: Beyond the Seminar


How is Mindfintess different from other practice?


There are three types of meditation:

  1. Guided – Such as mindfulness, podcast, music in mantras and recorded voice like headspace. 

  2. Convenience – Such as thinking a mantra repeatedly, Placing the attention in the heart or forehead, watching at a flame in a candle. Also using the imagination to be at the beach or flying over the clouds.

  3. Open contemplation – Selfless practice where the mind is left free. Not wondering but open to watch and observe. With some training, this practice can replace the habit of wondering around with focusing where we choose.

MindFitess is an open contemplation practice with a convenient technique which is guided only during the training. Then, you can continue a self-practice. It is easier than any other practice. Relaxation comes from within, from stillness and from peace and not form external sources such as music or nice words.

This practice works with three attributes of the mind: Attention, Awareness, and Focus. This workshop is a training that improves mental fitness. You can expect small talks but mostly tons of practice and mental exercises. 

MindFintess is also different from most relaxation techniques as no breathing exercises or positions are required. It can even be practiced with open eyes. The practice might not always be relaxing during the sessions but there is a result warrantied as any experience comes as part of the healing process. The same way that the muscles hurt when exercising, MindFintess might cause some discomfort while working with awareness, focus, and attention while those three attributes get stronger.

More info: www.mindfitnessinternational.com


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Mauricio as a certified yoga teacher and a Human Resources professional working full time in the corporate world.

Mauricio received the name of KAMADEVA with the title of SIROMANI (Jewel Of The Crown Of Yoga) from his Yoga Guru. He also completed a 6-month retreat training in the arts of meditation.

EDUCATION: Human Resources, Life skills coaching, Buddhist pshycology, Business, Yoga and Meditation teacher training.

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