Vision Board 101: Law Of Attraction

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Arts & DIY

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I have created a sanctuary in my yard for teaching my classes. An outdoor experience weather providing on my patio with ample space for your leisurely expressions! If you are interested in a private class or an online class, please just inquire!


Have you ever wondered how some people live the life they exactly want? Are you envious of how people say I am going to do_____________, and they do it!? How many times have coincidences occurred in your life and you not sure why? Are you familiar with synchronicities? Do you see the same numbers and signs and or hear the correct song when you needed to hear it?

Let me explain and show you how a vision board will help you manifest the missing links in your world... A vision board is puzzle pieces that you put together in a certain order attracting all the things you want in your life! the universe responds to what it hears and it mimics and sends to you what you believe you are living!


In this fun, laughter filled 2 hour class... Learn your true soul's purpose! Scissors, glue, a poster board and some "10" of your favorite magazines! I will show you... how its all done and how it all works!!!!


It's a belief system... like no other!

Kitryn Marie


Feel free to email me any questions

What to Bring

10 magazines, glue sticks, poster board, scissors

Minimum age

19 years or older

What's Provided

A teaching lesson in the law of attraction. The ins and outs and how to look for all the signs...

What You Can Expect From This Experience
  • sychronicities
  • coincidences
  • attracting what you want
  • live the life you want
  • abundance factor
  • see travel plans and or adventure
Custom Cancellation Policy

if you need to cancel you may request a private class


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I was born in St. Louis... a native of this city and my Italian cultural ways. There is no pressure but a relaxed atmosphere filled with free creative expression.

A freelance writer/ photographer and artist! I love to paint! I love to cook!! I love to creatively express! I travel often working with my photography! Always looking to add to my repertoire... of talents!

This is not a cookie-cutter operation! This is art! This is Photography! This is my Happy Life!

Mom of 3, Grandma of 2... and pet owner of many!

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