Encaustics Painting with Kari Westphal

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Arts & DIY

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Try encaustics! Paint with wax; Melt a work of art!

In this experience, you will learn the process and techniques that can be used in working with encaustics (beeswax & tree resin). Together we will explore the medium; try different techniques AND have the opportunity to create a small landscape painting to take home. In a relaxed space, I will encourage you to explore your creative side. ALL are welcome, regardless of experience. Working in encaustics can be very therapeutic :)

All encaustics and the tools needed will be provided, giving you the chance to try this art medium without having to invest in any of the needed supplies. You will be painting, so be ready to be a bit messy. We will be using hot plates and heat guns. The material is notoriously spontaneous, so be prepared to have fun and go with the flow! Melting wax often has a mind of its own, so be ready to laugh and be kind with the outcome :) Your painting will be ready for you to take home.

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

All materials will be provided

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The purchase of this class is final, however, if something comes up and you cannot make it, you may find a replacement for your seat. Please message us with your replacement request. StudioLife reserves the right to cancel or change workshops.


My intention has always been to share the calm and peace that I find out in the world. My goal is to create objects that are enjoyable to look at, and peaceful when understood. I have taught art classes in a variety of settings, with lots of wonderful people and have a BA in Art and my Masters in Art Education.

Encaustic painting is a very old technique that involves color pigments melted into beeswax and resin. These 'paints' are then applied in a molten state and must be heated in order to manipulate. There are many layers. The finished painting has a rich texture and depth. I find the focus required to work the encaustics gives me a nice sense of balance.

Collections: My work is in the permanent collection at the Museum of Encaustic Art/Encaustic Art Institute in Sante Fe, NM, and in public, private and corporate collections in the United States, Canada, Panama, Belgium, France, and the UK.

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