Intermediate Macrame with Layne Eckhardt

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Arts & DIY

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In this experience, Layne Eckhardt will be teaching us how to make a beautiful macrame wall hanging. We will be learning and incorporating the clove hitch knot into our designs and Layne will guide us step by step as we create using our current and new knotting skills. All materials are provided to complete a unique piece of art.

Layne Eckhardt is a macrame artist and teacher in Seattle. She creates wall hangings, plant hangers, table runners, and anything else she can imagine from tying knots. Her father was also a macrame artist, and he started teaching her basic knots from the time she was young. Since then, she has been developing and perfecting her craft by learning from other artists and managing her own Etsy shop. For her, macrame is a meditative activity and a way to slow down, focus her thoughts, and be present. Her passion is in sharing this craft with others and finding new ways to be innovative and creative with her own knots. Her designs are featured in her Etsy shop, on Instagram, and in retail boutiques in the Seattle area. When she's not designing and tying knots, she also enjoys decorating her home, reading, and spending quality time with her cats

Minimum age

All ages welcome

What's Provided

All materials will be provided.

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The purchase of this class is final, however if something comes up and you cannot make it, you may find a replacement for your seat. Please email with your replacement request. StudioLife reserves the right to cancel or change



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