The Ultimate Guide to Houseplants

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Come learn the language of house plants! No longer will you be frantically turning to the internet message boards, trying to figure out why your spider plant’s leaves are turning yellow and brown. In this class, you will learn the basic do’s and don’ts of indoor plant care, as well as how to read the signs your plant is giving you. 

Topics include how to choose the right plant for your environment, correct watering techniques, and how to troubleshoot problems that present themselves. The class will end with a Q&A section for participants to ask our teachers questions about their own plants, so come prepared with pictures and descriptions, or bring the whole plant!  

Whether you’re new to the houseplant game or already have a small indoor jungle, you’ll leave this class with an understanding of what your plant wants, needs, and how to accommodate it. Every ticket also includes a new plant baby to take home! 

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8 Have Dabbled

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