Livestream Body Painting Class for Couples!

Event Category

Arts & DIY

Event Overview

Join us for a creative, fun-filled, and bonding body painting class for couples from home!

IMPORTANT: This schedule is for the ticket booking ONLY. If you want the tickets PLUS a starter body paint kit select the other 3 PM time slot on the desired day.

What is it?

  • 2-hour live body painting class for couples done through Zoom Webinar

  • Step-by-step instruction provided by a professional body painter from our studio. No painting experience required. Great for beginners!

  • Average class size 5-10 couples

How it Works

  • RSVP for the event

  • Purchase supplies from Recommended List (or get the ticket that includes the supplies!)

  • Join Zoom Webinar at event start date/time

  • Create a masterpiece on your partner’s body under the guidance of our instructor

 Supplies Needed for This Class

  • You can choose to get your own palette, make your own body paint at home, or purchase the ticket that comes with the palette. If you choose to get the ticket that includes the palette, we will get it shipped directly to you.

  • Body Paint Palette (preferably purchased from our Recommended list below, but any safe body paint palette will do)

  • Assorted brushes

  • Cup with water

  • Your partner or quarantine buddy!

  • Your favorite drink and snack(optional!)


  • Please use a skin-safe body paint palette.

  • Please join with one other person.

  • You may maintain your privacy and keep your webcam off if you prefer. If you want immediate feedback and guidance from the instructor, you can alternative turn your webcam on or send us photos of your progress at any point!

  • Please respect model’s privacy and refrain from taking screen shots, pictures or recordings.

  • Any offensive behavior will not be tolerated. The instructor reserves the right to remove anyone who act in offensive manner.


KOY FISH: May 2, June 6, July 4

STARRY NIGHT: May 9, June 13, July 11

SCREAM: May 16, June 20, July 18


Basic Ticket: Event only

  • $49/couple

  • Each ticket is good for 2 people

Plus Ticket: Event + Starter Kit

  • $79/couple

  • Each ticket is good for 2 people

  • Starter Kit : Blue Squid Paint Palette


What to Bring

Please purchase a body paint palette from our recommended list or get the ticket that includes the supplies!

Minimum age

All ages welcome


Want to book the event with a starter kit of supplies? Select the other 3 PM schedule on the respective date from the dropdown to book the event plus starter kit ($79) and be sure to complete the question about your address during registration!

Custom Cancellation Policy

Rescheduling accommodated if requested 3 days prior, for $10 fee. Cancellation accommodated if requested 3 days prior, refund minus $15 fee. Requests after 3 days prior unfortunately can't be accommodated.



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DenArt studio is the first retail body painting studio in NY. We are the first company that make the body painting experience available for the general public, where anyone can just come in and experience body painting then photographed. Before we came into the picture, this kind of experience was only available for professional models as part of elaborate productions. In addition to our passion in creating beautiful and engaging art to empower the public, DenArt studio aspires to inspire other artists to experiment with new ways to monetize their talents so they can create more art.