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Help from someone, please!?  I just bought this pretty new lipstick but it makes me look washed out.  How frustrating. It's so confusing when they say it looks good on all skin tones...that does not seem to be true.  I've been reading tips everywhere (websites and books) on choosing the right makeup and clothing colors for my skin tone BUT the colors I've been advised to wear still do not seem quite right on me.  A lot of times, I ended up having an unhealthy complexion.

Which colored clothing and makeup should I really be wearing so I look radiant and healthy instead of washed out and tired? 

In this workshop you'll learn from a Certified Color Analysis Consultant:

  • Color Theory fundamentals that are essential to determining right colors for you

  • What makes up your own coloring

  • How to recognize when you have on the worst colors versus the best colors

  • Tips on making your eye color pop

  • 4 Seasons Color Analysis System

  • Color Alliance© - Most advanced Color Analysis system

  • Bonus!  Receive your own color wheel guide to take home with all the important fundamentals

FUN TIMES - see you there!

What to Bring

Feel free to BYOB (beer, wine, champagne, etc.)

What's Provided

Bonus - your personal color wheel guide to take home + light snacks + pen/paper for note-taking,

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Hi! I've been wearing makeup for 25 years now and when it comes to buying it... I've always been unsure and confused about which powder/foundation color is the right shade for me. I usually end up buying lipstick, blush, and eyeshadows colors that end up making me look washed out and or like a clown. The colors were beautiful but not when they were on my face.

It's been so frustrating because I want to look radiant and healthy with the clothes and makeup that I wear. Which colors flatter me and which ones make me look tired/sick?

I learned all of the above and became a Certified Color Analysis Consultant. Reach out for your precise color analysis. Included is your customized color palette guide.